A Mini Pocket Selfie Drone!?! Dobby REVIEW

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➜ Dobby (Gearbest): http://goo.gl/IbdEXx or (Amazon): http://amzn.to/2cbTdlq

This is the Dobby drone from Zerotech. (as seen on Casey Neistat) It’s a mini, pocket, “selfie drone” or quadcopter that is ultra portable and can be carried anywhere to capture your adventures in 4K photos, or 1080p HD videos.

It’s controlled via your smartphone (Android or iPhone), has foldable arms, and some pretty impressive features!

Main Specs:
-Max distance: ~350 ft
-Flight time: ~8 minutes
-Charge time: ~1 hour

Some of its cool features are:
-Ultra portable, easily fits in your pocket – just need your phone to fly
-You can take off from the ground, or “Palm take-off mode”, similar to what that famous “LILY” drone was promoting, just toss up and it’ll take off (how it works: props are in a slow spin, when the sonar sensors on the bottom of the Dobby sense your hand is taken away, it spins up props full speed)
-3 different way to to fly the drone: Motion, Swipe, or Rocker controls (I prefer #3, the onscreen joysticks)
-Camera is surprisingly pretty good for photos! Video isn’t amazing (of course it’s no DJI Phantom), there is no gimbal. However you can manually pivot the camera in 6 directions, and using the built-in EIS (electronic image stabilization) greatly improves the image quality and stability
-Remotely/wireless view your photos and video on Dobby from your phone, download the shots and instantly share on your social medias
-“Short Video” mode: aim the camera at your subject, hold down the record button, and it will record a 10 sec video pulling up and away, and auto return to you
-Voice controls (never tried, I find no use for this), 360 flips (these work great, fun to show off to friends)

Main Wish List Items:
-Camera FOV (field of view) is too narrow, only 75 degrees. I really wish this was much wider to help capture and fill the lens with more of your selfie surroundings
– – Let me know in the comments if you want to know more info on my wide angle lens hack
-A small, portable bluetooth controller/gamepad would be a great additional to this drone, would help for more accurate and precise flying controls, if/when the situation called for it.

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