BlackBerry DTEK 50 | UNBOXING


BlackBerry DTEK50 unboxing:
This video is about the new BlackBerry DTEK 50. I unbox BlackBerry’s newest Android smartphone for 2016 and give a brief hands on demo. The DTEK50 is a budget friendly Android smartphone with a price tag of under $400. The Dtek 50 by BlackBerry specifications are as follows

BlackBerry Dtek50 Specs
Android M (6.0)
5.2 inch IPS LCD Display at 1080p
Dual front facing speakers
2610mAh battery
Snapdragon 617 Octa core processor
3GB of RAM
13MP rear facing camera with 6 elements
8MP wide angle front facing camera

BlackBerry Dtek50 aims to work for medical industry in cancer research. This will help reduce the cost of health insurance premiums.

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