Two Vivo V5 smartphone reportedly exploded

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There are reports about two Vivo V5 smartphones exploding while charging. There have been two incidents reported one was in Karnal and one was in a mobile shop when the phone was kept for charging.

Smartphone battery is the most dangerous part and one needs to keep check of symptoms like un-natural heating (when Idle) cause when there is a issue with the battery specially a defect, or a puncture the most likely outcome is an explosion.

Well not just one but two incidents happened with the Vivo V5 handset. Two Vivo V5 handsets at different location met the same fate, both exploded while charging.

What causes battery to explode?

Two reasons heat or physical damage. Since both these handsets exploded when charging the likely reason could be the charging circuit for some issues the battery keeps on heating and fails to cool down.

The other reason is the physical damage to the battery, that can happen when you drop the handset it can cause a tear or puncture and if the battery structure is compromised a short circuit can happen within it and eventually heat and explode.

Well so far two Vivo V5 have reportedly exploded and there is no response as such from Vivo, we will get back once we hear from them, I guess they will give official statement after investigation.

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