Weekly poll: Do you want the Galaxy S8 or the S8+?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was deemed a bit pricey but nevertheless many pre-ordered it and it narrowly missed the title Best flagship of Spring 2017.

Now here’s another question – do you want the smaller S8 or the bigger Galaxy S8+?

Of course those dimensions are relative, the S8 is narrower than the S7, even though it has a “5.8-inch screen”. We put that in quotes since the 18.5:9 aspect ratio means the screens of those two phones are not directly comparable by their diagonal. Still, the S8 is more compact than the plus model and it costs less too – two good reasons to pick it.

However, some people want as big a phone as they can get. And since the Note7 flamed out, the Galaxy S8 is the closest thing people can get, at least for the next 6 months. At 6.2” big, the Galaxy S8+ screen is very roomy, even with its slender, elongated shape. And you do get a bigger battery with the improved endurance to go with it.

Are you on team S8 or team S8+? Don’t forget to leave a comment with your reasons why you prefer one or the other.

Do you want the Galaxy S8 or the S8+?

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