Weekly poll results: accessories matter

People want a solid bundle when they buy a new phone – nearly half of voters expect a good quality charger and headphones to come in the box. That is for high-end phones, of course, low-cost handsets can squeak by with a basic package, but expensive phones have to justify their cost.

Some – a third of voters – go even further, they want to get a additional extras. History shows that a solid bundle is a good way to draw in a crowd. We remember the Nokia 5800, which came with a whole sack of goodies, but bundles can be strategic too. Samsung paired its Galaxy flagships with a Gear VR headset, which increased interest in the phone but also made Samsung one of the biggest VR players.

There’s a second school of thought too Рskip the accessories to keep the price low. Paradoxically, there are two polar opposite reasons for this. One is simple Рjust saving money. The other involves spending more money. This is especially true for headphones Рany money saved on the phone can go towards high-end cans. If makers are kind enough to give you a headphone jack, naturally.

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