Worlds Cheapest Smartphone Unboxing – Intex CLOUD Fx


Lets do the Unboxing of the World Cheapest Smartphone called Intex CLOUD Fx running on Firefox OS. This is priced at $33. Here i got it at RS 2000.

2 Months back i came across an article talking about the worlds Cheapest Smartphone from Firefox. I thought i would share few cents of mine on that. I did. I said that it was just publicity hype, but now it turned out real.

This phone is from Firefox and is now called as Intex Cloud FX. I had known this before that they are going to hand over the manufacturing to Intex and Spice. So, now this phone is from intex. There is also a phone from spice but i preferred to check Intex.

The Intex Cloud Fx is just 3.5 inch in size. has only 2 MP of camera and the ram is also low. It is 128 MB. The important thing to note here is if Firefox OS supports lower specs or not.

I hope this video informative. Thanks for watching.

We will meet in next video.


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