Xiaomi launches its first router in India – Mi Router 3C

Along with the Redmi 4, Xiaomi also launched the Mi Router 3C in India. This is the company’s first networking product to be launched in India.

Mi Router 3C

The Mi Router 3C is a 2×2 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n router with a combined up/down transfer speed of 300Mbps. It has 16MB flash storage for firmware updates and 64MB DDR2 memory, which Xiaomi claims is 8x what most budget routers have. It uses a four copper+PCB antenna system. On the back are 2x 10/100Mbps LAN ports and 1x 10/100Mbps WAN port. It has 80m range and supports 64 connected devices.

Perhaps the best part is the Mi Wi-Fi app, which is available for both Android and iOS. The app makes it easy to setup the router even for novice users and also makes all its features more accessible, something most routers struggle with thanks to their complicated UI. The app also includes features such as real-time monitoring, parental controls, guest sharing, and Wi-Fi boost.

The Mi Router 3C will be available in India on May 23 at noon and is priced at INR 1,199. It will be available through Mi.com, Amazon India, and Xiaomi’s new Mi Home retail store in Bengaluru.

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