Xiaomi Mi4C Review – A Flagship Smartphone for the Frugal

Rating : 4.75
Xiaomi Mi4C Review – A Flagship Smartphone for the Frugal
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Xiaomi Mi4C Review: CONCLUSIONS

So there you have it, Xiaomi Mi4C, the device that has a midrange phone’s price but near flagship grade specs.

I like the design and the form factor, and the fact that the device is very compact due to its 5” display, which is brilliant to look at, by the way.

The phone is usually fast and fluid and the stutter kicked in just a few times. However, one annoying feature is that some notifications from Gmail or Facebook came in later than they were supposed to come.

I was happy with a graphically demanding performance, multimedia experience and daylight picture quality but I believe there is a room for improvement in a low-light camera performance, a battery life and while the UI experience is usually good, it still needs just little bit of polishing to make it great.

All in all, this phone, the same as other phones, is not perfect but it is definitely good. For the price of under $250 you are getting a really powerful package that it is packed in a nicely designed and compact body, and the Xiaomi Mi4C is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for a great bang for your buck.

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